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Yngentech Inc. was formed to introduce new technologies that will benefit the Philippine market.

In 2010, the company became the exclusive distributor of PRS Neoweb in the country.  Two years later, Yngentech also became the exclusive distributor of Quiti-Kill Bio-larvicide, an award-winning technological innovation designed to significantly reduce the mosquito population, hence an effective tool against mosquito-borne diseases.







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PRS Neoweb is a building material used for earth retention, load support, and slope protection. The product creates cost savings, through the durability of the material and faster construction timelines.

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PRS offers its proven PRS-Neoweb™ cellular confinement system (geocell) for cost-effective soil confinement, stabilization and reinforcement in a wide variety of applications, such as:
It is already the rainy season and, therefore, the dengue season. QUITI-KILL partners with the Quezon City government for a stronger and more effective anti-dengue program this year.
Dengue victims are mostly children and the Pediatrics Department of the Quezon City General Hospital and Medical Center is a testament to the seriousness of this public health concern.